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Construction Division
Design/Build Services
Medium and High-
voltage Including
Line Crew Work
Construction Division

Ferguson Electric currently has a workforce of approximately two hundred (200) field electricians and sixty (60) management personnel. Ferguson Electric has an excellent working relationship with the IBEW and specifically Buffalo’s Local Union #41, Niagara Falls Local Union #237, Jamestown Local Union #106, and Lineman Local #1249.
Our management personnel consists of the following:
  • Fifteen (15) Project Manager/Estimators of which seven (7) have their Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, and two (2) also have their Professional Engineering licenses.
  • The other eight (8) Project Managers are former Electrical Foremen.
  • A full-time Safety Director is on staff to provide a site-specific safety plan and oversee its implementation.
  • Our Purchasing Department consisting of four (4) employees, who will oversee our scheduling, ordering and expediting of our material and equipment requirements.
Construction Division   Service Division
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